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47aead48-e52b-4361-a0aa-ff99aa1f66a6The Camel Trophy began in 1980 with a transit of the Trans-Amazonian highway, subsequent events have been called “the Olympics of 4×4”. They were all about adventure and exploration. Over the next eight years, the expeditions crossed Sumatra, Papua New Guinea, Zaire, Brazil, Borneo, Australia, Madagascar (the first north-south crossing) and Sulawesi before returning to the Amazon. These grueling tests of human endurance brought together teams from around the world in the hope of triumphing in some of the most treacherous off-road conditions imaginable. Teamwork and camaraderie were crucial. The competitive element came in a series of “Special Tasks,” such as winching and timed driving routes, in which the national teams competed against each other.

In the 1990s, the Camel Trophy headed to Siberia and the USSR, followed by Tanzania, Burundi, Guyana, Argentina, [...]

Land Rover Defender in James Bond Spectre

Jaguar Land Rover has revealed its line-up of vehicles which feature in SPECTRE, the 24th James Bond adventure, from Albert R. Broccoli's EON Productions, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and Sony Pictures Entertainment.

defender james bondThese include: Jaguar C-X75s, Range Rover Sport SVRs and Defenders which have been provided by Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations.

The Jaguar C-X75 feature in a spectacular car chase sequence through Rome alongside the Aston Martin DB10. The C-X75 vehicles have been built in collaboration with Williams Advanced Engineering facility in Oxfordshire, England.

Scenes including the heavily modified Land Rover Defenders & Range Rover Sport SVRs were filmed in Austria. The Range Rover Sport SVR is the fastest and the most powerful Land Rover ever. The highly capable Defenders were constructed by the Special Operations division with huge 37-inch diameter off-road tyres to tackle the extreme terrain. They also feature bespoke suspension and enhanced body protection.

Managing Director of Jaguar Land Rover Special Operations, John Edwards, said: “This is an [...]

Land Rover Special Edition for the 2,000,000

Bespoke Land Rover Defender 2,000,000 on public display for Series Land Rover and Defender heritage exhibition at Bonhams London on 15 and 16 December

defender 2000000Exhibition to precede prestigious charity auction of the Defender 2,000,000 on 16 December

  • All proceeds from the sale to be donated in their entirety to International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Born Free Foundation


A two-day Series Land Rover and Defender heritage exhibition will be on display at Bonhams New Bond Street headquarters from 15-16 December ahead of the prestigious charity auction of the Defender 2,000,000. The exhibition will celebrate 67 years of UK production and chart the Defender’s journey to becoming a global automotive icon.

Prospective bidders and the general public are invited to preview the Defender 2,000,000 throughout the specially curated exhibition, which celebrates almost seven decades of Land Rover production at the Solihull manufacturing facility in the UK.

With a ‘hall of fame’ [...]

The last Land Rover Defender

The last Land Rover Defender has rolled off the production

exotic last defenderCOSTAS PITAS LONDON — Reuters

The last classic Land Rover Defender, the 4×4 known the world over and with famous owners including Queen Elizabeth, rolled off the production line on Friday, 68 years since first being built. Designed originally for farming and agricultural use, the offroader became an iconic British vehicle, popular with celebrities including Beatles singer Paul McCartney and late actor Steve McQueen, selling more than 2 million since 1948. Indian-owned Tata bought two loss-making British brands Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008 and has since been rapidly updating and expanding its upmarket Range Rover line-up, but will now turn its attention to the Defender model. “Any conventional vehicle would have been replaced many times over in the lifespan of Defender,” a spokeswoman at Jaguar Land Rover said. “We’ve now got [...]

The value of the Canadian dollar is dropping drastically and a lack of inventory for some type of vehicle in the United States creates an interesting secondary market opportunity for Canadian vehicles. The Canadian dollar is now worth around 70 cents US and this means a 40 percent saving for US buyers. Domestic vehicles and many imports are export-ready for the U.S. making the sales process much easier.

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