International vehicles import

International vehicles import


Focusing our efforts primarily in the European, North American and African markets, we can import and export vehicles from almost anywhere around the world. If a transport covers your region and that the laws permits, we can assist you. Whether you desire to import or export an exceptional vehicle, if you’re into collection or just because you recently moved and change location, we have the solution. Exotic SUV offers professional and experienced shipping services for Exotic SUV and other cars to almost any destination using the best car shipping customer service in the industry at competitive prices.

To import European vehicle in Canada, the vehicle must be 15 years and older by the date of manufacture. For the US, this period increased to 25 years.

Please, do not hesitate to contact us for your Import needs.

Land Rover Defender posing on a road in Iceland.


  • For a hassle-free transaction
  • For our European network
  • For our Canadian specialists
  • For our advice
  • Our passion for Europeans SUV
  • Because we are true specialists



  • EXOTIC SUV customer service is exceptional and their advisers assisted me through each step of the program. EXOTIC SUV helped me save time and money. I highly recommend EXOTIC SUV to anyone who needs to increase their bottom lines.Neil Willard, Hudson - Ford Willard
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