Mercedes G350 AMG G Wagon luxury hard core off road car on a steep slope

Mercedes Benz G series


Exotic SUV has an established expertise in importing Mercedes Benz G series from Europe. As you know, it’s complicated to import European cars. Some models or version are not compatible with North American regulations. To make things easier, Exotic SUV offers a turnkey service. Your vehicle will be delivered plated in the region of your choice.

Our network of European partners allows us to have access to Mercedes G series that have not yet been put on the resale market. In addition, we conduct inspection of our vehicles before they leave the Europe to ensure their good mechanical and aesthetic condition.

After arriving in Canada, the vehicle will undergo a second inspection. The work required on the vehicle will be made by our specialists. You will take your mercedes Benz G in perfect condition.
We are able to import the following G models according to your needs and desires:

Mercedes Benz G series diesel
Mercedes Benz G series military
Mercedes Benz G series 2 doors
Mercedes Benz G series 2 doors soft top

In order to import the vehicle in Canada, he date of manufacture need to be more than 15 years. For the US, this period increased to 25 years.

We are the true European SUV specialists !


  • For a hassle-free transaction
  • For our European network
  • For our Canadian specialists
  • For our advice
  • Our passion for Europeans SUV
  • Because we are true specialists



  • EXOTIC SUV customer service is exceptional and their advisers assisted me through each step of the program. EXOTIC SUV helped me save time and money. I highly recommend EXOTIC SUV to anyone who needs to increase their bottom lines.Neil Willard, Hudson - Ford Willard
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